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Lincolnshire Roleplay is actively looking for new members to join. Whether you fancy being a law-abiding citizen, a daring criminal, or a heroic first responder, there’s a role for everyone in our diverse community. Engage in dynamic interactions with fellow players, forge alliances, and create memorable stories that will keep you coming back for more. Join Lincolnshire RP today and let your imagination run wild in a world where every choice shapes your destiny!

Our Map is designed around the Lincolnshire County in the United Kingdom where i am currently living. With exciting new updates, interior buildings, MLO’s and costumes available Lincolnshire Roleplay could be your next “home from home”.

I sometimes stream myself as “Eddie Gonsalves”, the Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police. Running the day to day operations on the city streets and keeping the streets clean from crime and organized gangs.

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