EddiesLife247 on the EddiesLife Community Minecraft Server.EddiesLife247 on the EddiesLife Community Minecraft Server.

Well after a while of streaming FiveM tonight I decided to start streaming Minecraft, thanks to Razzage, and RayLovesJade for moderating the community tonight!

In today’s Minecraft Stream we were on the hunt for netherrite and managed to obtain 1 set of netherite for our Fortune 3 Pickaxe. – Razzage during the stream decided he wanted to use his 8K points on a hamster dance.

Unfortunately Twitch clips didnot manage to keep the clip available for you to watch but for the first stream in a while it was good to be back.

If you would like to join the Minecraft Server, head over to discord and create a whitelist ticket in which we will explain how you can automatically link your discord account to Minecrafts Whitelist.

Once we ended our stream at 9:30pm we headed out on a raid to BrunoDanUy, a family friendly content creator who has got to be one of Eddie’s favourite streamers on the twitch platform.

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