With the last few days being not great with an issue with my neighbour and my “constantly” barking dog, (that barks only when agitated by her brushing the fence, or postman arrives.. the usual barks). I have suffered alot with my mental health causing me to have my mind go blank and loosing all emotions and feelings. I have had this before during my year long depression of 2022-23.

The sun was shining brightly, and the heat was a warm sweaty 20 degrees for the first time in lincolnshire. which was the first time in over a few months. I decided to sit on the ground on the concrete path and hug my dogs, in which bruno who is normally shy and doesn’t like sitting on anyones lap decided to come sit on my lap for a photo.

Bruno sitting on Eddie's Lap
Bruno sitting on my lap
Betsy sitting on my lap

Not only did this give me enough time to think but also to relax and enjoy the small moments in my life.

Both Bruno and Betsy have noticed my mental health change recently and the dogs do help you understand, and cope and take you places that you just want to spend your time at home in bed.

When Bruno does bark its usually for up to 30 seconds, and if it continues we usually have to call him in for a while to calm down using his favourite treet: “Chicken”. the common times in our house revolve around selected meats that both Bruno and Betsy enjoy, from “Chicken Time”, to “ham time”, this usually means one of 2 things for bruno come sit on the conservatory seat, or go into your crate ready for the bed time routine.

If any of you are ever suffering from mental health, I would encourage you to go for a walk, sit in the shade and stare at the distance, allow your mind time to think, heal and calm down which cannot always be done from your home. – Alternatively come speak to us in the discord server and we will be happy to listen.

Thank you Bruno and Betsy for being there for me over the last 2 years, you have changed my mood and my mental health for the better. There will always be down times, and some up times but you both see me through each time, even if its just a simple nudge of the wet nose on my legs or arms. Or the climbing into my lap for a cuddle when i truly need it.

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