Screenshot of live broadcastScreenshot of live broadcast

In the last 3+ months I have been live streaming my desk over at: and This was originally started due to me having the 24/7 in my social media handle for over 6 years on the internet.

GeekCast was originally a YouTube Partner Network that was run by Eddie in 2013 however due to the change in YouTube’s Policy in Sub Networks that stopped this service from happening, GeekCast was shut down as it landed itself in a net 0 profit at the time of closing down.

The domain was then left dormant and was available to be used by anyone. In the first few months of 2024, I decided to restart my live stream that would stream my desk and games that i play throughout the day on twitch, but not through my main twitch channel of EddiesLife247 but as LiveDeskCam247. AdamTKWallace joined the team and suggested we should rebrand from the LiveDeskCam247 stream and return to the GeekCast domain due to it being a place for Geeks to Cast 24/7 on the internet via StreamYard.

Any Geek can request to join the 24/7 Live show via, in which a link is shared to current stream members in which anyone can stream there desk or there activites, the current application process encourages people to share a photo of the desk setup, and that they show a level of maturity to our stream.

GeekCast also plays Music 24/7 when Eddie is connected, this is Licensed by who allows us to use his music license to share a selection of music tracks. The current song playing can be found by looking at Eddie’s stream.

GeekCast is Live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on twitch under the handle: 247geekcast, and can also be accessed via the domain that adds a 301 redirect to the twitch live stream.

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